The new Chevrolet Kewozi road to happiness bloxorz

New graphic: Chevrolet Kewozi road to happiness Phoenix car · new graphic soon usher in the Chengdu auto show, many manufacturers will release some heavy vehicle before the show, it is clear that Chevrolet is no exception, has brought a new model of Watts for us. On the meeting, the vehicle designer told us that they want to become the first Kewozi car of many young people, young people even hope that it will become the "first love", when the whole world is the "single dog" malicious, this step can be described as Chevrolet is a big step for the harmonious development of the human world. So I had a great curiosity, and "love" to a close contact. Who is Kewozi? Ke Luzi and what is the relationship? So it is not right, from the vehicle positioning speaking, Kewozi is slightly lower than the Cruze, regardless of body size or power equipment and future pricing are such; on the other hand, is the development of a new Kewozi Chassis Based on the purpose of Hideo, build a both pragmatic and are also not so boring the car in this market segment, the Cruze will be mainly responsible for the high price, low price and Kewozi charge. Continue to implement the "Life Aesthetics" design from the Kewozi before Cruz, Mai Rui Bao XL continues to the present, "Life Aesthetics" seems to make Chevrolet to find a way forward, split family type front grille and a series of tough line combination, everything is so relaxation, the side of the car the line is also very dynamic law, you can put him as the torrents of spring, also it can be regarded as the waves to the shore, rear lines is relatively simple, but deliberately create muscular and slightly upward boot line anti make Kewozi looks more dynamic. Color interior fashion Master now, double color collocation of the interior has gradually become a trend, or elegant, or dynamic fashion, there is always a can capture the hearts of consumers. Three wheel and double "C" type instrument always inspires you to have passion for driving stereo clipping process in the seat be comfortable at the same time to maximize the satisfaction of the customer’s critical eye, while the central 7 inches large screen equipped with the latest Chevrolet entertainment system and the integration of Baidu CarLife, let sit the copilot passengers need not boring. Abundant storage space and convenient space in the car the whole car is small enough storage space can be seen everywhere, everyday objects are well placed, while the rear seat can recline, but the tail of the luggage compartment opening is large enough, also deep enough, to a certain extent make up for the disadvantages. The experience of the height of 180 cm, riding in the front row, the head can get close to a punch space, while the rear leg space can be close to a punch, so the space is enough. In power, Kewozi is equipped with a 1.5 liter DVVT naturally aspirated engine, the maximum power of 80 kilowatts, the engine is matched with a 6 speed automatic transmission, and in the form of suspension, front to rear Mcpherson independent and non independent torsion beam. Summary: This is a position slightly lower than the Chevrolet Cruze, but there are a lot of beautiful interior light.相关的主题文章: