The new fiscal September manufacturing PMI rose slightly to 50.1 for three consecutive months from c bleep

The new fiscal September manufacturing PMI rose slightly to 50.1 for three consecutive months from September the new fiscal contraction interval Chinese manufacturing PMI edged up to 50.1 of the new orders index rose slightly, the output index slowed to the lowest in three months, employment continued to rise in the contraction range, price pressure has increased signs of Caixin [] (reporter Li Yuqian) September 30th the new financial Chinese announced the Manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI), 9 recorded 50.1, compared to August rose by 0.1 percentage points, three consecutive months of leave contraction interval, there are signs of stabilization. Breakdown of the data, in September China manufacturing new business volume growth, although the growth rate slightly increased, but is still weak. The new export orders index fell for the 9 consecutive month of decline, to return to the expansion range. Some manufacturers reflect the customer base needs to improve, but some manufacturers said the market downturn, weakened the overall growth rate of new orders. Manufacturers are also more cautious about production arrangements, the output index slowed to the lowest in 3 months, but still in the expansion range. Manufacturing employment index continued to rise, but still in the contraction range, the contraction rate significantly. Respondents reflect the company, to reduce labor costs in order to improve efficiency. Contraction of employment and new business increase, resulting in increased production capacity, the backlog of work continues to rise, this month, the backlog rate of more than a record high since December 2014. Purchasing activities within the month of expansion, but the growth rate was almost flat with August, the overall level of a small. Only a slight increase in the month of purchase inventory. As a result of new business growth is relatively low, resulting in further backlog of finished goods inventory. In September, the average cost burden rose for the third consecutive month, and increased considerably. To some extent, due to the need to raise the cost of pressure to the customer, the month of the manufacturers raised the ex factory price of the product, the increase rate of more than last month. The new financial think tank moneta research director Zhong Zhengsheng said the macro, from the manufacturing industry for nearly 3 months, PMI seems to be seen slightly signs of stabilization, but the recent growth of fiscal revenue, fiscal expenditure low rise and fall sharply late, inadequate support for economic power, industrial production under risk. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: