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The team said the folk found suspected traces of Baiji   expert: confirm the baiji to image video evidence — Hubei Channel – original title: experts confirmed that the baiji to image video evidence Baiji photo newspaper news (reporter Gao Baoyan) in recent days, the news was suspected of Baiji madness spread. Report from a team composed of people, they claimed that the "suspected" Baiji in the Yangtze River in Anhui Wuhu section of. Yesterday, rushed to the scene to verify the Institute of Hydrobiology doctoral student Li Yongtao said, "the day that he is not in the suspected" Baiji expedition ship, the next day he visits in the ship when the object is not found; recorder Song Qi on the ship through several civil investigation team responsible person also said, did not find any traces of the baiji. The "suspected" Baiji come from? Yesterday, the Yangtze Daily reporter clear sequence of events. The inspection team exclaimed: "baiji!" 1 days, more than 20 students from Beijing, Jiangsu, Hubei and other places of the civil volunteers from Anhui Anqing, aboard 4 ships, also accompanied by Shanghai television, local television and newspaper reporters, professional and amateur photographers, they were in the Yangtze River in Jiangxi Jiujiang and Anhui for the baiji side side. The 4 day at 9:22 in the morning, the team hired two fishing boats from Tongling Digang town of black shoal head auxiliary channel 1 km, opened in front, on the East Coast Road No. 2 on the ship, the inspection team exclaimed: "baiji!" The players said, found a head pipefish, left in front of about 300 meters from the gray white animal jumped out of the water. Then, we can see in the fishing boat left second, third water, and then disappear in the Yangtze River water. Nobody to take photos or videos by Song Qi WeChat to the Institute of Hydrobiology of Baiji expert Wang Kexiong reported the findings. Researcher Wang Kexiong told, with pictures, video evidence, sonar can be used as supplementary evidence, in order to let the public to confirm this finding". In other words, if the 3 basic basis is not, only by witnessing and oral is not enough to allow the public to confirm. After the excitement, the team repeatedly confirmed that the scene did not take any photos or video, the ship’s travel recorder did not leave any relevant information. A photographer: shoot a spray too much like "I just see more Baiji a spray (we are sailing in waves too much), then I took a spray too much like the baiji, I dare not release any conclusions in scientific research institutions under the condition, will put up a pageantry. This release, is to take this activity as a trifling matter…… This will result in bad international influence." An accompanying photographer said. For many years engaged in Cetacean Research Yu Daoping School of life sciences, Anqing Normal University Professor, Institute of freshwater ecology Ministry of agriculture Anqing Xijiang River of the Yangtze finless porpoise rescue center technical director, is also a member of the Institute of the Ministry of agriculture, animal international endangered whales expert group members, the Ministry of environmental Protection Assessment Center for aquatic animal experts, he reminded everyone in the WeChat group. In shipping less, more, silver carp in waves are easy to misjudge, solid)相关的主题文章: