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"The wedding" for "why Danny put combat suits small hidden intentions – Entertainment Sohu" marriage "marriage" why why "stills stills for Danny Sohu entertainment news" marriage "why a sustained hit, Danny played Shi Yan, a small face one after another, Liangshan then set a change, from the plane from the T model to the typhoon to home show, from the strong woman to have her adorable girl, can’t handle style. Friends shouted, "I want to follow the school dress for Danny, Danny said:" in fact, each suit has a story with your heart". Which role suits Danny upgrade update friends: looking for Shi Yan the same paragraph with "why" hit a wedding, Danny played the history of Yan has been from the aspects of "invasion" to the audience’s life. Her "charioteer code", "woman on the edge of her heart, even her expression bag and clothes have become very popular topic. Every kind of hair ribbon, hairpin, hat, sweater, in different stage in the history of Yan’s body, always lead to the audience "shopping". "That little tiger super love history Yan at home wearing a lovely sweater, how would there be so with a sense of homewear ah", "read" the wedding "why history of daily service show Yan beauty, mother don’t have to worry about my taste collocation", "find Shi Yan with the money, you can stand in the forefront of fashion". In the face of the kind of trust, "said Danny, everyone can love me in the clothes, that my previous efforts were not in vain, the many are my own servers, is back from Amoy friends around the world." For the dress collocation with Danny decryption to stimulate emotion from the "father role collocation" to the "theater", from "Youth" to "when we just married" why, for progress in acting on the Danny obvious to people. A good actor is in all aspects in the heart, "why" in a wedding, Danny is doing. The crew said, "when we try to install in the early stage, Dani gave some good advice, she has even begun to imagine what kind of role in the stage, for what kind of clothes to wear, when we all feel that this girl is really hard to play." A Danielle admits, "with the history of Yan’s growth, her dress is constantly changing, just play color gorgeous, after marriage will choose some comfort strong clothes, to the last, be a little woman feeling. When I read the script, I thought about it, and then we talked about it. Also encountered difficulties in the middle, with really not an easy thing, clothing, stylist is not easy."相关的主题文章: