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Tiansheng: at the beginning of the week, gold, silver, oil line short! Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! International news] from October 7th to 2013, the total number of weeks of oil drilling was 428, higher than expected and the previous value of 425. After the data were released, the oil price shock. But after the Russian energy minister Novak’s energy conference next week, so that the pressure on oil prices. Turkey will be held on October 9-13 in Istanbul Energy Forum, OPEC Member States, Russian President Putin and Novak will attend the forum. OPCE aspects of rhetoric and Russia’s position will be an important factor in the early weeks of the impact of crude oil market. The second presidential debate in the United States will be held at University of Washington in Beijing at about 9 a.m. on October 10th. This will have an impact on the price of gold and silver. [] the United States crude oil market analysis of crude oil, has maintained a unilateral step forward last week’s rally, on a daily basis to step back to rise until Friday rose near 51 difficult down Powei 50 dollar line of resistance, the operation must first follow the daily bearish on 50 dollars back behind the first air resistance, weekly adjustment in place to do more, to form five days ahead of last week, all stepped back up, but Friday fell no longer strong, is the failure pattern of the results may lead to the beginning of the week, so the crude oil at the beginning of the week bearish, good luck may lead to a substantial adjustment. * * days of U.S. crude oil strategy U.S. crude oil in the vicinity of 49.7 short, stop 50.2, target 48.8! To grasp the short profit next week plus WeChat tstz868 Tiansheng have access to a teacher of a guide. [] gold and silver market analysis from a technical perspective, gold and silver fell Friday evening adjustment to the front wheels rise 23.6[%] an important retracement began to rebound, the daily charge of final gold star cross, silver daily closing yang. Silver pressure continued downward, the daily average system continues to spread down, drawing double Sicha, green column volume, the overall bearish unchanged in the weekly level, big Yin after want rebound low probability of larger levels, and in the time period, also do not have periodic reversal, need to understand that it is Friday the small line is the early even a Yin after Hugh, so the current trend of short still exist, short-term operation, or a rebound short. From the time point of structure of gold and silver is still in decline period, this trend is expected to continue to fall concussion in early November. Next week, silver focus on 17.05 and $16.55 line support, the top pressure is concerned about the pressure of 17.85 and the first line of 18.45, gold and other places concerned about the point of 1240. At present, gold and silver is still a strong short trend, do not rebound when the reversal, the operation is recommended to rebound short dominated. * * silver silver days strategy in the vicinity of 17.7 short, stop 18, look at the 17.05 target, effectively breaking theory相关的主题文章: