Tide city Haining invite you to go to a tide about the flow – Sohu travel yezimei

Tide city Haining invited you to a tide about the flow – Sohu travel in August, the eighteen wave, the spectacular world without". In the autumn of September, once a year (Haining) Qianjiang tidal bore festival will be staged as scheduled, will offer visitors how wonderful? It is reported, sponsored by the Jiaxing Municipal People’s government, the Zhejiang Provincial Tourism Bureau, Haining Municipal People’s Government hosted the twenty-third session of the Qianjiang tidal bore Festival (Haining), in September 13th to 22 (the 13th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar August twenty-two) held in Haining. This session of the Haining Guanchao festival will be "tidal city Haining" as the brand image promotion, to tide for the media, in view of the natural tide as the main line, the rise of cultural tide, tide, the tide of economic movement and music tide, tide stack, tide surging, will give visitors a different "tide" feeling. CCTV + Internet, let you feel the full range of qianjiangchao tempestuous waves also called Haining tide, is one of the natural wonders of the world, is famous for its magnificent and spectacular, known as the "wonders of the world". In Haining, almost every day can tide, all month tide. A morning and evening tide every day, every tide show different attitude, in the tide of the feast, the most spectacular autumn tide, especially around the 18th day of the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, the most entertaining. If you can’t go to Haining and meet the tide, but also Never mind. The tidal bore Festival a big bright spot is the use of the Internet broadcast, Sina, NetEase, today’s headlines, such as live Betta site will gather salt, live in Haining tide, let you stay at home can feel Haining City grand and magnificent. In addition, CCTV will also be broadcast for seventh consecutive years, will enrich the connotation of the spectacular Haining tide and Haining Chaozhou culture further show to the audience at home and abroad, the characteristics of Haining resources, vigorously spread the tide and tide tide culture tourism brand charm. The global tide, east-west travel Ren Jun mentioned Haining tide, have to mention is "100 Qian Tang international tourism corridor, east Yellow Bay, Jianshan, west of the old Yancang, with Jianshan Qianjiang source of tide, the big gap meets the tide, the salt tide line and the old Yancang back four Qianjiang tidal bore landscape. In this area, not only has a long history, rich cultural heritage, and the environment is beautiful, idyllic scenery and pleasant, rustic style rich, natural resources along the lake, sea, beach, forest and other fields, tide, form a beautiful scenery picture. This year the tide during the festival, in addition to Yanguan scenic promenade activities in Jianshan, Changan, and the city of Haining Chinese Leather City, will launch promotions. Haining Chinese leather city launched a tide Shopping Festival, visitors can participate in the lottery ticket with the tide, preferential purchase activities; Jianshan folk Street launched a wide pool of street art performances, open-air music party, visitors can also rely on tide Festival tickets, housing and shopping vouchers in some shops can draw. With the tide Festival tickets discount; Aotelaisi Plaza catering shops launched by tide ticket to enjoy the offset preferential activities. During the Guanchao Festival this year, you can also love camping in Barry Qian Tang international tourism corridor, excellent camping experience base in Yangtze River Delta tide and tide night ~ ~ music party, evening tide.相关的主题文章: