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To save drowning is not "accidental injury"? The insurance company refused to compensate the new network in Shuyang – a water company workers Panmou workers to save the drowning drowning death, because the company had to ensure the safety of workers and the interests of the company, the workers in a property insurance company insurance personal accident insurance, the insurance company claims to the water company after unsuccessful, the insurance company will be prosecuted to the court. Save drowning is not part of the scope of the insurance contract liability accidental injury has become the focus of the trial. Ultimately, the court ruled that the pan rescue workers drowning drowning, in line with the accident constitute elements, so the insurance company to pay 300 thousand yuan of water companies. Yangzi Evening News reporter correspondent Li Jinbao peak workers rescue workers both drowned, the company compensation for 472 thousand and 14 years on March 22nd morning at 8:30 pm, the construction personnel of a water company pingmou in Huai Yi into the renovation project of Suqian City engineering bridge engineering construction in the process of bid I accidentally fell into the water, with the construction personnel construction site of a pan heard the call for help after launching the rescue, but the two per capita drowned. A few days later, the water company (Party A) to reach a mediation agreement, and Panmou heir agreement: party a one-time compensation on behalf of Party B funeral expenses, death compensation, total mental solatium 470 thousand yuan; Party B’s personal insurance interests all transferred to the party, with the party and improve the relevant procedures. The water conservancy company shall pay Party B compensation for the signing of the agreement. August 12, 2015, the water company claims to a property insurance company refused. The water company to Shuyang court said: water conservancy construction company is divided into Yi Huai treatment engineering project, in order to protect the personal safety of employees, to a property insurance company insured insurance for staff Panmou rescue drowning workers pingmou unfortunately drowned, require the insurance company to pay water company accident insurance gold 300 thousand yuan. Shuyang court found a water company divided into Yi Huai contract regulation project of Suqian city bridge engineering project bid I. In December 2, 2013, the water company Panmou, 100 construction workers under construction personnel group personal accident insurance, the insurance period since at 0:00 on December 3, 2013 to at 0:00 on December 3, 2014, security projects include: accident of 300 thousand yuan, 30 thousand yuan of medical accident insurance, a total of 13982 yuan. The focus of the trial: whether to save drowning accident in the trial, the insurance company that insured Panmou due to rescue workers and drowned does not belong to the scope of the liability insurance contract, the objective event of accident injury insurance agreed accident department of exotic, sudden, unintended, non disease caused by the personal injury insurance. Panmou knowing that the highly dangerous and very likely to cause the casualties on the pingmou rescue process, does not meet the requirements of non intention. Shuyang court held that the contract terms "accident" refers to the objective external events, sudden, unintended and non disease causes direct and separate causing bodily harm, insurable interest is a.相关的主题文章: