Trump Cook, iPhone back to the United States, to give you a tax cut pigeon blood

Trump: Cook, iPhone returned to the United States, give you the tax friends good evening. Tomorrow is once a year Black Friday ~ ~ your wallet is not okay. See all kinds of preferential eyes all embroidery ah ~ said preferential let Xiaobian I thought of Trump ~ Trump recently for a while to let Apple will manufacture iPhone the United States is back to a lot of trouble. A few days ago when Trump and Cook call made with Cook said: "Tim, you know, one of the real achievements of me will make apple to build a factory in the United States, or many factories, rather than in China, Vietnam or other places. We will provide you with preferential policies, but also a substantial reduction in corporate tax, you must be satisfied with". Well…… It is a businessman, always from the point of view of interests. Who said, to persuade others not to appeal to reason, should be in the interests of. By the way we say that Apple mobile phone trend. From now foreign media reports the news, Apple will release three new iPhone next year, KGI securities analyst Guo Mingji believes that this includes a redesigned, equipped with OLED screen ultimate iPhone. The other two is the size and iPhone 7, 7 Plus consistent LCD screen models. According to Guo Mingji analysis, the new 4.7 inch LCD screen version of Apple’s iPhone may become a mid-range, and even low-end models. If this is the case…… That Android thousand dollars machine is not to cry blind…… Which has the competitive power…… Let’s talk about Microsoft bar ~ do not know because it is not the end of the year, Microsoft also began to play cards. Microsoft today for iOS and Android users, launched a free version of the Microsoft Solitaire collection. Right, you didn’t guess is that computer card game Solitaire, Spider Solitaire, which are included in the package as it is there ah ~ after the subway transit, finally will not only boring to watch others play mobile phone to watch TV, also want to ask Microsoft, what game is mine when the line ah? Shouyang ~ ~ next to Tesla poaching Microsoft thing ~ recently Tesla has just hired one of Microsoft’s top designer Andrew · gold. Andrew · Nintaus is a former designer of HoloLens holographic glasses. Now he is the chief designer in Tesla’s title. Although his specific work in Tesla is not clear what. Anyway, now Tesla bought SolarCity, but also the future development of large trucks, feeling Andrew · gold went after the development of space is still very large ~ today finally again China’s patent last year development. The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) said on Wednesday that China is pushing Asia led global innovation growth, become the world the first year in patent applications reached 1 million countries. More than 1 million patents in the United States than the United States and Japan’s patent add up to let us take a look at what are included in the patent ah ~WIPO said that China’s patent in 2015 to be submitted to the innovator相关的主题文章: