Turtle speed Buddy network Wei Fan world lightning growth first exposure. 3edyy

Turtle speed? Buddy network "Wei Fan world" lightning growth cheats Wei Fan to make the world’s first exposure area day people up a level? Too slow! The day was worth a ten thousand liter? Too slow, right? One day the fighting capacity rose one thousand or two thousand? Is it really too slow? Although the man to be durable, not too fast…… But you are a turtle man, worth fighting level completely not ranked on the number, which can’t something cool? This man, in the final analysis, or to grow rapidly, after all, no 18 years old can not open the door to the new world. Buddy network "Wei Fan world" lightning growth cheats first exposure — teach you a rocket high speed growth! Take a look at it quickly! "The game" Wei Fan world "experience the first channel: buddy network" Wei Fan world "lightning hit growth [lightning] upgrade cheats the first question:" Wei Fan "in the world, people reach 2 after transfer to how to quickly upgrade? First of all, the main way to gain experience with leveling tower hook and smelting equipment, so the two ways to get more experience? 1, in the evening, leveling leveling tower on tower hang, do not choose the recommended system layer, because the system recommended number of monster blood is high, basically need skills can kill 3-5. They suggest game player selection system recommended low layer 2 layers, or just their own low level 10 to hang up, this is the highest income experience. 2, smelting equipment: melting equipment every day has 300 pieces of equipment, so the players must be as far as possible smelting advanced equipment. In the recommended game player will automatically hang up the option of melting equipment to uncheck the box below 1 RPM equipment sold directly to the store, more than 1 turn useless manual melting equipment. Buddy network "Wei Fan world" lightning [lightning] war cheats growth provided second questions: "Wei Fan world", to figure how to quickly enhance the combat? The most efficient way to enhance combat effectiveness is through the replacement of equipment. The premise of the replacement of equipment, is to quickly complete the game player alive, can wear a higher level of equipment. 1, game player who can kill the BOSS family warehouse exchange, treasure treasure to get free equipment and equipment; after 2, access to equipment, through the identification, reinforcement, gems and parts to enhance gameplay, greatly enhance the combat effectiveness. Buddy network "Wei Fan world" lightning [lightning] growth cheats worth mentioning third questions: "Wei Fan world", how people worth and upgrade quickly? Worth by fighting power, consumption, disciples, online time and the title of five major components, and the fighting force and the disciples are the largest proportion of players worth. Combat effectiveness in the above has been introduced for the players, here to teach you how to quickly enhance the value of the disciples. 1, by eight hundred, and will seek associates get clues every free access to recruit disciples; after 2, the disciples, with the disciples were fused to enhance the algebra main disciples algebra and qualification; 3, the equipment to strengthen the property to enhance the disciples and equipment plus technology.相关的主题文章: