U.S. Treasury Secretary efforts will be completed during the term of the Sino US investment agreemen sweets parade

U.S. Treasury Secretary: will try to complete the Sino US investment agreement negotiations during the term of the U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob · Lu 6, said the government will try to complete the Sino US bilateral investment agreement negotiations in the current term of office of the. Jacob · Lu day at the Pedersen Institute for International Economics held talks said that this year the two sides in the strategic and economic dialogue, the group of twenty summit in Hangzhou on bilateral investment agreement for intensive consultations, negotiations are still in progress at present. He believes that in order to complete the final negotiations, the two sides must be in the field of bilateral market access to meaningful bids to achieve high-quality investment agreements. Jacob · Lu said that although the Obama administration’s term there is not much time left, but now is the best time to promote bilateral investment treaty negotiations, the Obama administration will continue to try to advance the negotiations in the remaining term, if not complete negotiations, will be as close as possible to complete the negotiations. China and the United States in the near future exchange of third negative list to improve the bid to confirm the bilateral investment agreement negotiations made significant achievements. The two sides also pledged to further promote negotiations to reach a mutually beneficial and high level of investment agreements. A visiting fellow at the Pedersen Institute for international economics, served as special assistant to President Obama for international economic affairs Rory · MacFarquhar told Xinhua that he expected in Obama before leaving there may be more than one round of negotiations on bilateral investment agreements, because as close as possible to complete the negotiations with the two sides interests, it can make bilateral investment the United States Senate agreement at least standard. Pedersen Institute for international economics, Adam · that Posen, in the United States under the current political environment, Sino US investment agreement to obtain approval of a two-thirds majority of the Senate of the United States in three will be very difficult, but this possibility still exists. Jacob Lu · on the day of the dialogue meeting also said that the RMB in the SDR currency basket (SDR) helps motivate Chinese further promote economic and exchange rate reform, Chinese need to continue to implement economic reform agenda. More exciting content to pay attention to WeChat search public number: Tencent Finance (financeapp).相关的主题文章: