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A group of UC combined with micro-blog video entertainment Alliance – Sohu established technology Sohu science and technology news September 10th one group (Youku potatoes) second of the Internet culture and entertainment ecosystem open conference held, one group chairman and CEO Victor Koo proposed "new GAFAT" (Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent), and said the next ten years of culture and entertainment industry will usher in the outbreak, content and production has entered the era of universal participation. Gu Yongqiang said in his speech "Internet plus promote the outbreak of ecological culture and entertainment, business, live auction, all the chips, content marketing, such as the realization of a reward model for network students become increasingly rich content, ecological culture and entertainment in the red economy began to show great energy", "global Internet industry has formed a" (GAFAT Facebook, Alphabet, Amazon, Alibaba, Tencent) a new pattern ". At the same time, Yang Weidong, President of the United States announced a joint Sina micro-blog and UC set up a video entertainment major league". Alliance will be the bottom of the data butt, relying on the contents of the three platforms, social communication and algorithm recommendations to enhance the user experience. Yang Weidong said: this alliance will achieve content through, interactive, relationship, account and pass through the algorithm, the formation of a complete linkage matrix". The alliance will enhance the head content, homemade content, produced from the channel, star and business organizations in the content, distribution and Realization of the core competence, value in joint investment, joint production, joint development and marketing integration. A chief product officer from Gu also released from the channel strategy of operational data released last year, "for the creation, distribution, fans and income four total demand, development and launch of more than 40 products and tools. According to the data given on the one hand, Youku total number of channels from more than 30 million, an increase of 50% year on year, the total number of subscribers to break through the month, the monthly amount of 15 billion". Youku channel in the past year, the original channel is divided into 300 million yuan. Yang Weidong told the media that since the channel in 2016 Youku potatoes will focus on supporting the vertical category, including clothing, food, entertainment, music, playing the five categories, the development of beauty, delicacy, entertainment, music, culture, animation, parenting, travel, fitness and marriage is ten with the character of "red tape" series. To the original, high quality PGC and strategic partners to provide IP data flow, develop, upgrade, special funds and other aspects of support. (Cloud)相关的主题文章: