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Upgrade the flying pig Ali Ali global travel, can sell vanguard become? The |B12 technology Sohu – "we axim to less than 1000 people in the team, do the world’s fourth largest online travel business, we also set himself a trillion small target in the next few years. "In October 27, 2016, after Tmall, idle fish, rookie ants, gold suit, Alibaba group announced that its" Ali "brand travel travel upgrade for the new brand" flying pig ", English name" Fliggy "," zoo "Ali has a new member. Travel from Taobao to Ali, and then to the pig travel, Ali in the tourism industry to complete its own "three jump". In the two anniversary of the period, to upgrade the brand flying pig travel, travel for Ali, a name for its meaning is not simple. On October 29th, vice president and President Li Shaohua Ali flying pig travel inside the letter released epoch-making travel GMV ali. "If two years ago, Ali enabled travel, because we need the name of the first make a living away from home. Today, we have more than 200 million members of the connection, the average number of users to reach the daily visit of 10 million, this year’s trading scale will exceed 100 billion! We have grown up, we must go to the society. "Like Chris (Alibaba CMO Dong Benhong) said, our brand when the cocoon rebirth. Backed by Ali’s ecosystem of flying pig travel, upgraded to fly pigs, has completed its own adult ceremony. Next, the flying pig can travel in the Red Sea has been like the outbound travel market, OTA really crossed barriers, the first step of "global" strategy to sell Ali practitioner? What was not known before was that the flying pig was a premeditated name. In fact, a few years ago, we have registered the flying pig. Two or three years ago, we completed the brand protection. Has not been enabled, is out of the consumer travel attitude and action judgment. Li Shaohua explained that in the past, the public for tourism, "empty talk" more, so the action force is praiseworthy. Now, travel is more than just a dream, has become a way of life. So they opened the "flying pig" the state of the word, expression of people travel in the state of carefree and content. "Flying pigs, reflecting the young people strive for the ideal, but also know how to enjoy life, the pursuit of the dream of life attitude". Li Shaohua said that the dream of flying pigs is that everyone can easily leave the country. On the night of October 27th, Ali announced that the brand promotion, flying pig as leisure brand for young consumers, and for business travel service business travel business unit Ali together constitute a unit of Alibaba. But as recently as October 11th, Ali nail enterprise service products conference, Ali travel has just released its strategic level products – Ali business, and access to a nail platform. At the press conference the same day, Ali said that direct contact Ali will reach 240 business enterprise users, business travel market entry. ".相关的主题文章: