V announced the Ti7 and spring time Winter Games officially canceled pr011.msi

TI7 and spring time in winter season officially cancelled although Boston Championship main event start there a month V agency announced, V agency has released the 2017 DOTA2 spring tournament and TI7 international tournament time in DOTA2’s official blog. Since the autumn season may cross team competition, the V agency also think the provisions of the revised game there is a loophole, so will the Americas and the European region are divided into two small Division: America is divided into North and South American division division; Europe is divided into European division and CIS division. The Boston Championship qualifier on the CIS division is directly incorporated into the European region, the formation of China, Southeast Asia, Europe and the Americas Division four. 2017 DOTA2 spring tournament schedule: audition time: March 6th -9 days pre regionals: March 10th -13, TI7 international tournament schedule: audition time: June 22nd -25 days pre regionals: June 26th -29 main event: the first half of August, according to the current schedule planning, the original winter game now was officially cancelled. Three Major turned into spring and autumn season. Boston championship now 16 DOTA2 teams have been fully equipped for, welcome the players and fans of DOTA2 came to Boston to witness the birth of Wang theatre, brutal competition system of single elimination under the new generation DOTA2 championship. The main event group stage will be held on December 3rd -4, and the main event will be held at -10 on December 7th. In the end the bow bow who fell into the hands of the ball? (Onono Imoko @pcgames)相关的主题文章: