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Welfare Community Chest power gravel river welfare welfare glow with a new look – Sohu in 1979, welfare institutions of Shihezi City Social Welfare Institute just adopted widowed and orphaned baby; in 1997, a toilet, a row of bungalows, a group living in the poor environment of disabled children summarizes the hospital scenes of life in 2001, million; yuan of lottery public welfare fund to build a three storey dormitory for children’s welfare homes, building area of 1920 square meters, set 80 beds; in 2006, a sum of 1 million 776 thousand yuan of lottery public welfare fund, was built by a building area of 2440 square meters three dormitory building, set 120 beds, adopted 118 orphans and disabled children…… Passing of night, hull, the same is the welfare of the community chest constant efforts, let Gobi Pearl " " corner — social welfare undertakings, more and more people feel happy.   (the children hand in hand one by one, by the hospital staff records Today, Shihezi city social welfare infrastructure gradually improved, the function of strengthening indoor added rehabilitation center, fitness center, computer room, reading room, children with disabilities manual room, piano room; outdoor installation of a variety of children’s entertainment equipment, for children to create a very comfortable life, learning, rehabilitation and entertainment environment; teaching, medical treatment, rehabilitation conditions improved, promoting the family foster care and special education at home and abroad, adopted a number of business better development. The hospital has won the national home for the disabled " ", National Outstanding Youth Rights Kong, the construction of advanced collective title. (  children show hand finished) according to the national Ministry of finance, Ministry of Civil Affairs issued the "social welfare fund management Interim Measures" of the relevant provisions of the strict management of funds for social welfare undertakings, focusing on welfare, special care institutions, city community service class investment, ensure the funds for a reasonable standard,, to promote the comprehensive development of Shihezi City Social Welfare Public welfare. (  apartments for the elderly in Shihezi Social Welfare Center) according to the Shihezi municipal welfare lottery center responsible person, as of the end of September this year, Shihezi welfare lottery center has accumulated sales of welfare lottery 860 million yuan (including the Corps, sales) to raise a total of 260 million yuan of public welfare fund. Has funding for the Social Welfare Center for the elderly apartments, social welfare homes, nursing homes, vagrants and beggars, five staff assistance, community star old house, the old university, community charitable supermarket, community service center more than and 20 social welfare projects. Among them, the social welfare center elderly apartments invested 15 million 709 thousand and 200 yuan of public welfare funds, every year for the elderly apartment facilities, equipment and beds for uninterrupted funding. Up to now, a total of 25 pension institutions in Shihezi, a total of beds of 3268. The use of children’s welfare lottery public welfare fund of 8 million 740 thousand yuan for the purchase of housing, internal facilities, courtyard greening renovation and expansion projects such as.  .相关的主题文章: