Xiamen, a little girl to play Halloween witch allergy is a mask to blame winpm

Xiamen a little girl playing "witch" Halloween Mask allergies are to blame yesterday is the traditional Halloween in the West in recent years, fashion city is keener on participating in this festival, disguised as a variety of other parties in the thriller. Many businesses seized this opportunity, early began to sell a variety of buyers face equipment, in addition to young people, there are a lot of parents, but also some kindergarten children in accordance with the organization of western customs transvestite, mask, cloak, Jack-O-Lantern and other popular props. But after the carnival, some people find that the equipment is hidden a variety of health risks. Wore a mask on the face itch for several days the public Ms. Zhou’s 5 year old daughter Doug on early education class at the weekend organized and Halloween related activities. To this end, Ms. Zhou specially to accompany Doug to market to purchase a witch costumes and masks, Doug jubilant wear, along with a small friend from door to door trick. But that evening, Ms. Zhou found that Doug has been scratching cheek, until the bath, it is found that the child from his cheek and neck all the red dot. "After much deliberation, the mask should be, at that time at the school gate shop to buy, I felt a pungent smell, but JiaBuZhu children want." Ms. Zhou said, she was wearing only a fluke that should be no problem, who knows or "trick". Smear a few days of medication, the skin of the peas was gradually restored. Coincidentally, the 23 year old Yang on Halloween night carefully selected a color mask for the limelight at the reception. Results before the end of the reception, her face appears red, itching, simmered for a while, symptoms are more severe, she can go home early and found the whole face is red, only to get the hospital to see the doctor. From last week, there have been children due to skin allergies to Cory, a small part of the limbs, most of the neck and face, etc.." Qianpu Hospital Department of Dermatology director Wu Deliang said, found in questioning the cause, these allergy symptoms for most of the children participated in the Halloween activities, such as wearing masks or appear after. Because human facial skin is more sensitive, more delicate skin is tender little friends, as long as these masks hidden beneath the skin material, will face the minute harm. Inferior Halloween costumes easily lead to allergies frequent "Halloween props and toys, chemical goods of inferior quality items may contain harmful, not only will cause skin allergies and other symptoms, severe cases will cause other diseases." Xiamen Traditional Chinese Medical Hospital of Pediatrics director Yang Yimin analysis, especially the mask belonging to veneer objects, and do not say whether the quality is inferior, in the process of transportation, storage will be adsorbed on a large number of bacteria, the coating can easily be kneading decolorization. If the children use, it is difficult to ensure the shedding of paint by children with, licking. Once wearing this mask for a long time, the risk may be from the mouth into the body. The doctor suggested that Halloween props to buy the regular manufacturers of products, children do not wear a long time. Once the symptoms of allergies, or ask the doctor to determine what kind of degree of allergy, if only the initial symptoms, figure相关的主题文章: