Xingtai uncovered large tobacco network case arrested 32 people involved about 320 million – Beijing bree daniels

Xingtai uncovered large tobacco network case arrested 32 people involved about 320 million – Beijing newspaper news (reporter Ding Baojun) in mid July, the Ministry of public security "5? 12" cluster battle started, the country and more joint action to close the net. Among them, the use of the Internet, the sale of counterfeit cigarette smuggling in Xingtai "6? 25" heavy tobacco network successfully solved cases. Last June 25th, the Xingtai Municipal Tobacco Monopoly Bureau inspectors received a report, said the net is "XX tobacco store" QQ released on cigarette sales information in the network. After investigation, the inspectors found that the QQ has issued a large number of illegal production of cigarette cigarette varieties form actual photos, pictures and other information, and the drying out of the part of the transaction and delivery order, suspected of using the Internet sales of counterfeit cigarettes. Xingtai City Tobacco Monopoly Bureau for further investigation, QQ found that the number of selling counterfeit cigarettes, a large volume of transactions involving a wide range, then to the Xingtai Municipal Public Security Bureau informed of the case, the two sides set up a joint task force "6? 25". The investigators start from selling cigarettes QQ, investigating the illegal transaction data, involved, bank account number and number of logistics information. After more than a year of Mopai, the task force personnel out of the network structure and Trade: the network in Xingtai Lumou for the middle platform, respectively, to the offline radiation network, involving a total number of more than 200 people. The sale of illicit cigarettes to Fujian, involving Hebei, Guangdong and other 13 provinces and 37 cities, involving hundreds of billion yuan, is a production, sale and trafficking of counterfeit cigarettes, cigarette smuggling and selling counterfeit cigarettes as one of the large criminal gangs, seriously interfere with the legitimate rights and interests of the State Tobacco Monopoly order and people’s. Based on the identification of the identity of the difficulty involved in the sale of cigarettes, a wide range of information, such as difficult to obtain evidence, the Xingtai task force to discuss collective decision, the case will be reported to the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau and the Ministry of public security. Subsequently, the case was included in the Ministry of public security "5, 12" cluster campaign. In July 12th this year, the Ministry of public security "5? 12" battle of Xingtai "cluster, 6? 25 cases in the country to carry out a unified action to close the net, successfully solved cases, around the main suspects were all arrested. As of now, the public security organs, warehousing and selling counterfeit cigarettes destroyed 13 dens, and seized fake Chinese, Yuxi, lotus and other brands of fake, 23 million smuggled cigarettes, has arrested 32 suspects, involving a value of approximately 320 million yuan.相关的主题文章: