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Yu Xu’s parents arrived in Tianjin: on sleep sleepless night Yu Xuceng said in her bed: "I love the blue sky, I love the feeling of flying fighter, that kind of feeling is very free, very cool." (picture) chuanmeizi Yu Xu is one of China’s first female fighter pilots. (information picture) Yu Xu peacock dance in 2009. (Northern theater air force for map) 2013 Spring Festival, Yu Xu and his wife in Chongzhou, a group photo in. "News network" reported the first J-10 female pilot Yu Xu sacrifice youth into the country in November 12th, the blue sky, the air force aircraft pilot Yu Xu, killed in flight training. Yu Xu was born in 1986 in Chongzhou, Sichuan Air Force captain, two pilots, at the age of 30. November 13th, CCTV "news network" was reported. Reported that Yu Xu is one of China’s first female fighter pilots. In the Bayi aerobatic team, she has been hailed as the "Peacock", now, this "Peacock" has always integrated into the blue sky of the motherland. 2005, approved by the Central Military Commission, the air force for the first time to recruit female fighter pilots. In April 2009, 16 female fighter pilots to complete their studies with excellent results, formally incorporated into the army. At that time, Yu Xu was one of them. In the same year, Yu Xu and her sister pilots, driving a hawk, appeared in the 60 anniversary of the founding of Daqing flypast, with neat formation over the Tiananmen square. In order to driving hawk in his beloved blue sky, Yu Xu almost gave up all his spare time, put to flight. She once said, "no matter how hard I work every time, I never seem to really back down. I think youth is no regrets." According to CCTV line · Tianjin "I love the blue sky, I have been flying down," Yu Xu parents rushed to Tianjin to sleep in her bed one night on the afternoon of November 12th, the network spread out more than sporadic sacrifice Asahi news. Yu Xujia, a relative to see the news, find Yu Xu mother, tears told her: "you have to live." Yu Xu mother thought it was the old parents out of the situation, did not go to her daughter. Asked the relatives for a long time, relatives told her, Yu Xu accident." Yu Xu’s mother quickly around asking, at this time, the army gave her a phone call, told her I was injured, said ten people have to go to Chengdu at night to pick them up. When to go, they thought it was to go to the hospital to see Yu Xu, with only a small amount of baggage, even forgot more than Asahi crew dormitory key. Along the way, parents pray her daughter quickly get better. At 11 in the evening, Yu Xu’s parents arrived in Tianjin. The plane, open mobile phone, all kinds of information coming, the troops also arrived at the scene to tell them the news. The moment, Yu Xu’s mother suddenly fell to the ground, took a while to cry. The army arranged a good room for Yu Xu’s parents, but they insisted on in flight dormitory daughter slept on the bed, the smell of daughter taste, feeling her presence. Two相关的主题文章: