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Zhu Guangyao: wide policies diminishing the Fed should strengthen communication with the Wu Chuan in the group of twenty countries (G20) leaders of the eleventh Summit on September 4th to 5, held in Hangzhou. Since the 2008 international financial crisis, how to coordinate the global financial and financial systems to avoid systemic risk, and promote global growth, has become the core issue of G20 countries. Zhu Guangyao, Vice Minister of finance of the Chinese delegation, held a press conference on the morning of September 2nd with the theme of G20 and global economic growth and global economic governance. He said that in February this year, held in G20, Shanghai, finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, the parties reached two landmark consensus, submitted to the G20 summit in Hangzhou. These two major consensus include: first, the first comprehensive use of monetary policy, fiscal policy and structural reforms to promote economic growth; second, G20 to communicate closely with the exchange rate policy. If this proposal was written to the G20 summit communique, will be the first time in the history of G20 made such a clear policy consensus." He said. Beyond the fiscal and financial policy systems of the parties concerned, the global trade that is used to connect the developed and developing countries is facing severe challenges. Zhu Guangyao pointed out that in 2016 the IMF’s global economic growth forecast is 3.1%, despite the same as last year’s global economic growth rate, but is still a fairly low growth. In this context, Global trade growth is the five consecutive year, below the global economic growth, so the challenge of trade continues to increase. Zhu Guangyao also made an official response to questions about the ability of some countries to China, and to assess the Fed’s communication mechanism and the failure of the traditional U.S. monetary policy. As far as China’s current fiscal policy is concerned, he believes it should be more active and need to better coordinate fiscal and monetary policies to boost the confidence of entrepreneurs. The establishment of the bankruptcy court to promote production capacity in June 2016 held in the eighth round of China US strategic and economic dialogue, the U.S. Treasury Secretary Jacob ·, Lu believes that China’s overcapacity will lead to distortions in the global market. He pointed out: the light to see the impact on the Chinese economy, excess capacity will eventually undermine the economic efficiency of a country, that is, a country resources mismatch." In the light of the idea that China capacity to impact on some countries, Zhu Guangyao responded by saying at the press conference, the capacity to Chinese, is the world’s major economies, the first policy action, which should be objective evaluation. He pointed out that China’s iron and steel, coal and other industries to capacity, both clear policy guidance objectives, there are policy measures to support. Including the steel and coal industry to go to production capacity, the establishment of 100 billion yuan of structural adjustment fund to support the arrangement of laid-off workers. In addition to financial support, China adhere to the principle of market-oriented, according to the law to promote production capacity, such as the gradual establishment of a national bankruptcy court. Looking around the world, the emergence of excess capacity, in Zhu Guangyao view, the most fundamental reason is that the global economic downturn in the context of structural problems more prominent, so the need for the international community to form a total.相关的主题文章: