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Electricity supplier line shop     who will affect? –IT– people’s original title: electricity supplier line will affect the shop? Electricity supplier into the real world closer to the customer, can enrich the experience, enhance user stickiness, but also with the help of online and offline integration, more effective circle to new fans, to create their own brand. Last November, the electricity supplier giant dangdang.com announced plans to open 1000 bookshops in 3 years — astonished viewers yilengyileng. The day before, the first line of the entity bookstore officially opened its doors in Hunan Changsha Plum Creek academy. Although have been prepared, many users still feel surprised. In fact, the electricity supplier reverse growth from the line extends to the line has not been new. In the field of books, Dangdang peers Amazon as early as November 2015 in the United States opened the first line in Seattle bookstore. For electricity providers, some to expand the territory, and some online business costs are increasing, competition intensifies, the development of bottlenecks encountered. And into the real world closer to the customer, can enrich the experience, enhance the user stickiness of electricity providers, but also with the help of online and offline integration, more effective circle to new fans, to create their own brand. Therefore, under the layout of the line has been regarded as the usual electricity supplier routines, Dangdang amazing move is not surprising. In fact, compared to why, its impact is more worthy of attention. For the existing entity bookstore, the electricity supplier "participate" will undoubtedly be a piece of cake, for the market, customers caused by shunt. Therefore, it was analyzed, this is the next line of the bookstore to kill, perhaps the next day to make the bookstore worse. In fact, from the whole point of view, it will make a big cake, so that more people become a bookstore, true love powder". At present, the national reading rate rising, while the bookstore as a city of culture coordinate more and more pursuit, the electricity supplier giant strong admission may attract more people into the bookstore, a look of pure or rub air conditioning or bookstore will be more into the life of the people, and gradually turn powder. On the other hand, it also hopes to become a catfish". Currently, the bookstore’s play has become an industry topic, related to explore, try to emerge in an endless stream, user centric, Internet thinking has also been filed. As a business brand, Dangdang itself have Internet genes, with the "original" thinking of the Internet, so build the entity bookstore practices may also give the traditional bookstore bookstore industry enlightenment, stir ultra rush help than learning. Of course, in any case, the ultimate beneficiaries will be consumers. According to Dangdang’s planning, 1000 stores in addition to expand a second tier cities, will be opened in the county’s 85% bookstores in order to meet the needs of more people. On the other hand, it is possible to upgrade the line experience. According to reports, Dangdang’s first store and online, 24 hours a day, the line of the same price, also introduced the children’s Museum, exhibition hall, crafts classrooms and other formats. At present, the entity bookstore industry warm air blowing, "comeback" bottoming out "in the spring" warm words have a sense of being more and more. In the shopping center, entity)相关的主题文章:

Wizard 3 developers want to enter the domestic recruitment of general manager of China www.tc165.cn

"Wizard 3" developers want to enter the domestic recruitment of China’s general manager, "Wizard" series of developers CDPR today announced that the recruitment of general manager of china. "Wizard 3" in the recruitment announcement, CDPR said the company based on CDPR studios and the global digital platform GOG. For the further development of the company, general manager of china. This position has a high degree of independence, is responsible for the company’s business operations in China and brand building. Build CDPR and GOG brands in mainland China, and expand business to Southeast asia. Set up a high quality local team to prepare for the following CDPR games. Responsible for the two-way communication with local players, the establishment of local partnerships to promote the development of GOG. Participate in the development and coordination of Poland headquarters, supervise and organize the local E-sports events, establish and maintain the relationship with local media. Although the "Wizard" series of games in the country’s specific sales can not be learned, but from the steamspy data show that the country has the wizard 3 players accounted for nearly 6%. The potential of domestic players is huge. The ambitious CDPR is intended to enter the Chinese market. (source: gamesky editor: unhappy) Sina statement: sina.com.cn posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章:

General Administration of Customs Reflections on the lessons of the Tianjin port fire and explosion 魔界骑士イングリッド

Customs: new network reflection Tianjin port fire and explosion accident lessons find enforcement corruption in Chinese Communist Party General Administration of Customs on patrol rectification briefing according to the central deployment, from March 2, 2016 to April 29th, the central seventh inspection teams to carry out a special inspection of the General Administration of customs. June 2, 2016, the central inspection team feedback to the General Administration of the party inspection. According to the relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist party inspection regulations, inspection and rectification will be released. A series important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping as the fundamental, to firmly establish the managing party political consciousness and responsibility of the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech is rich in content, profound thought, is to follow the basic customs to do the work, need to in the construction of Customs development practice, in the process of finding and solving problems in the continuous understanding and insight. Through this special inspection, the General Administration of party a more profound understanding of the customs reform and development task more difficult, the more we should strengthen political consciousness, arouse party consciousness, comprehensive strictly, strict management of the customs work is not a moment to stop; the situation of clean government and anti-corruption struggle the more severe, more to enhance the sense of responsibility to carry. In order to "seriously" and "nail" the spirit of the strict requirements from the real implementation, management and administration of the party must conscientiously, really strict tube. The national customs as the central vertical pipe unit and the paramilitary forces of discipline, we must unswervingly unify their thinking and action to the general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech, the central inspection work requirements. As the National Party General Administration of Customs of the "wild goose", the spirit of the speech to understand more comprehensively and grasp more accurately and implement more firmly, lead to firmly establish political awareness, overall awareness, awareness, awareness of the core line, the work of strengthening and improving the construction of the party. First, through inspections and rectification, to further reflect on their own gaps and deficiencies. This special patrol found the problem that the customs in the comprehensive implementation of the party, strictly from the central requirements there is still a gap, there is a "black light phenomenon in some aspects; the party’s concept, loose organization, grass-roots party construction deficiencies in the customs authorities at all levels and the base layer in different degree, many common disease is common the team; lax discipline, independent risk, outstanding comprehensive strictly ineffective in customs law enforcement and non law enforcement areas have emerged, the industry with distinctive features. The reason is that we do not understand the central spirit of deep penetration, has not been able to change the situation in the development of historical mission station at home and abroad and the party undertakes political perspective to understand and grasp the customs building work, performance management and administration of the Party of the most fundamental political responsibility is not enough place to Party "; is the biggest achievement of understanding party play a central role in leadership and leadership to perform their duties in accordance with the articles of association of unity is not in place, Party building and lack of long-term planning and design of the system, the central work of Party building, to promote the work of Party building work and the depth of business integration is not enough; strictly full consciousness and a sense of urgency is not strong enough, the implementation of management and administration of the party the main responsibility is not strong enough, on the sea.相关的主题文章:

LPL ADC the first deft story continues to God helps those who help themselves www.84qqq.com

The first LPL ADC: The Legend of Deft EDG God helps those who help themselves to continue in this summer to 18 victory win history, to the S6 again in a seeded team identity, EDG this year compared to previous years more, the total MVP Deft season in summer also ushered in its peak, foreign media evaluation: this is a the new Deft. Once in the LPL popular phrase: "wind, wind Deft IMP, desperate UZI." This famous top ADC three LPL you always seem to be compared, compared with IMP, UZI, Deft has been criticized for his early line ability, it is difficult to play advantage, focusing on the development, to the battle group output. In most people’s eyes, ADC in this position should be a little fierce, high damage, play aggressive, brisk performance can be regarded as a good ADC, but Deft like this team type ADC even teamfight output again severe, but always make people feel a bit worse. Last season’s Deft EDG in the performance of law-abiding, occasionally there will be some mistakes, when most people mention LPL ADC, who resembles "Alpaca" shy ADC get more is this: he is very good, but he is not the best. Rudy only for a series of S Deft EDG club champion rumors to catch an olive branch part of the reason is because the director of Clearlove, the rumors are credible we can make nothing of it but the far from South Korea, and the boy was with the same dream and Ming Kai: S series championship. For the two men, occupation career now greatly small all to get the championship, but for all the players are the same occupation, these honors are not a S series championship and they also let them regardless of personal danger, need a champion for their occupation career perfect period. From the blue to Samsung EDG, Deft have to say a lot of growth, Deft from the occupation began, is known in the spring of 2014 at the mouth and mouse game, hero, and Obama, he is also the first with a jinx to the occupation of the game, then Samsung blue with the spring champion, then direct promotion to S4, but he also became the top ADC and IMP par. The Deft is also not perfect, the game sometimes behind up the knife, is suppressed in the tower under the opponent, it occasionally make mistakes, but his shortcomings exist only in the early stages of the game, then all of his evaluation is, no one in the world can ADC Deft the same as the control group in the late game war. When Samsung regret Deft, who lost the game the children cry their dream to LPL, met a group of the same dream team, and their goal is only the only one champion. After the return to the top once again took the first Deft to Chinese hanbok, also accompany EDG to win the domestic and foreign large and small champion, the most brilliant achievement is the MSI championship, but the state did not extend to S5, EDG for all).相关的主题文章:

Over 6 million of the balance of attention to your overseas account information will be eyeing mine_清翼

Note: the balance of over 6 million large overseas account information you will be eyeing the balance of over 6 million large note: overseas financial account information you will be eyeing the tax authorities overseas investment, assets, property, financial enterprises and individuals should pay attention to. In October 14, 2016, the State Administration of Taxation issued "non resident financial account information related to due diligence management approach (Draft)". The "draft" proposed to combat cross-border tax evasion, fulfilling the international obligations of automatic exchange of tax information financial account. The implementation of the tax information exchange standard financial accounts automatically, by OECD (Organization for economic cooperation and development) proposed in February 2014 by the G20 finance ministers meeting, aims to allow the automatic exchange of bank information to combat tax evasion behavior between countries of the judiciary. Financial accounts are divided into deposit accounts, escrow accounts and other accounts. "It’s important to exchange. In order to strengthen the administration of tax collection, to combat cross-border tax evasion, business and personal financial account information exchange out of non residents will belong to other countries, non resident enterprises and personal information to the other country we belong to the Chinese. Exchange of financial accounts, as long as the accession to the OECD to do exchange. But it is limited to financial information exchange." A person involved in the development of non resident tax policy makers told the economic observer. In 2009, the State Administration of Taxation issued the Interim Measures for the administration of the taxation of non resident contracted projects and the provision of labor services. Non residents mainly refers to the establishment of enterprises in accordance with foreign laws, the actual management agencies are also in foreign countries. For example, the establishment of a subsidiary is a resident enterprise, representative office or branch are non residents. "Financial account information exchange, such as overseas investment, including real estate, finance, study abroad, immigration, the financial account will be switched to the Chinese tax authorities, tax authorities will pay attention to these offshore accounts have no taxes. Since China is a global tax liability for tax residents, that is to say, the global income of Chinese residents and individuals should be taxed in china. There was no exchange of information before, for overseas income or overseas income can not obtain data, only by taxpayers themselves." These non resident business people on the Economic Observer newspaper said. "If the information collection and exchange in place, there are large amount of assets and income of the individual residents and businesses on the outside, especially after the tax planning, but planning is not in place, there is a risk of being investigated." A person engaged in the anti tax business in the country told the economic observer newspaper. A commitment to 96 countries and regions worldwide in CRS (global financial account system of automatic exchange of tax related information) system to carry out automatic exchange of tax related information of financial accounts, covering almost all the global financial centres and developed economies. In December 16, 2015, China signed the agreement on multilateral competent authorities (MCAA), which became the seventy-seventh country to join the CRS. According to the October 14th released the "draft", before December 31, 2017, financial institutions will be completed on the stock of high net worth individual account (as of December 2016 3 on相关的主题文章:

The Jiangsu section of the Yangtze River a sand boat capsized in 3 people were rescued drowni mp7a1

The Jiangsu section of the Yangtze River a sand boat capsized in   3 people were rescued drowning – Hubei channel — people.com.cn original title: Jiangsu section of the Changjiang River, a sand boat capsized drowning 3 people were rescued after the capsize, drifting sand boat. Liu Yubao taken the salvage ship near the sand ship, be towed to the shoal, waiting for the subsequent salvage. Liu Yubao photo Beijing, Nanjing, October 22, (Meng Jun Liu Yubao) 22, a sand ship in the Yangtze River in Jiangsu section of Zhenjiang port waters unfortunately capsized, all 3 crew members on board were rescued to the port of Zhenjiang maritime barge. On the morning of 22, the Yangtze River It’s raining and blowing hard. Zhenjiang Maritime Bureau Command Center received a report, Zhenjiang Dagang pier No. 7 berth ship unberthing and a large ship heavy sand ship collision, sand ship was knocked over, upside down in the water, the crew of 3 all drowning. Zhenjiang Maritime Bureau Command Center received a report immediately dispatched patrol boats rushed to the scene to rescue. 3 drowning crew were rescued. According to preliminary investigation, the accident of large ship captain 190 meters, no-load, from Zhenjiang to Caofeidian; capsized the boat captain 69 meters, heavy 2700 tons of yellow sand, from Jiangxi Jiujiang to Shanghai. (end) (chinanews.com) (: Cardiology, commissioning editor Zhou Tian)相关的主题文章: