76Inventory game ten single dog if you double the 11 living on the island…|Inventory game ten single dog if you double the 11 living on the island…6

Inventory game ten single dog if you double the 11 living on the island… And to a year of "double 11", in the "chop hand" days, numerous single dog also started "singles day". So, have you thought about what are the men and women singles game? How are they going through "double 11"? Today, I count for everyone under the game of the ten single dog, choose one you like to celebrate it together. Legend — Paris: a gay friend what girl? He is not old deathlessly mozun Paris, Matt, kill the other GOLDION cool, so powerful and perfect character, but really let the woman who love it. And repeatedly fight from, had Freemasonry. Then that Erigeron is censureddescends to earth, then reborn as Sedum, is to base friendship and came to earth, in order to orpine has also made a series of things. In the face of daylily after they caught the unrequited love deeply, but not what results…… Paris character commentary: his wayward, persistent, aggressive, as good as gold, regardless of the consequences, which persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, a change, only for a war and erigeron! This arbitrary single character, which girl dare to choose him? There is no love, then had to shock and Sedum (base) of a war! World of Warcraft — Illidan: single million years, still love Illidan in fifteen thousand years of life, a huge turning point always occurs at a critical time of life, or is a trick of fate, or is their own choice, let him from ethnic heroes in a step by step degenerates into a demon…… Egg for the pursuit of a powerful force, so that Tyrande feel fear, bitter pursuit of persistent fruit, but also let the resentment of Tyrande. Maybe you can pay attention to the total egg, it seems the chase you to the remotest corners of the globe — the rye, Maiev Shadowsong? Commentary: total egg character to a great extent, because their eggs are always obsession and become a single dog million years. Don’t get the love of Tyrande and how the wind shapes and the egg knife is enough! Final Fantasy 13 – Thunder: female man! Also need a male ticket? Since the final fantasy series to understand the idol route, which the role of men and women are gradually mixed into a neutral, so the milk in FF13 pretty…… Ah, no, I was born, winning the series strongest woman man who is not only the appearance, from the plot to the character is the typical protagonist of fate, is doomed she couldn’t go with actress support the traditional route, look even making group can’t figure out how to arrange the good feelings the play, simply a way to perfunctory in the past on her own to the game player. Commentary: Thunder Thunder figure is a tough female soldier, but also a good sister, good companions, a hot cold person. With so many advantages as a heroine, either a masterpiece or love with vigour and vitality, is a single, from the beginning to the end, so the thunder became a glorious single dog…… The reverse — Wright: a long debate in the single on the road as one of the protagonist of the game the referee reversed Wright dragon, young arestumbling, lawyer’s career also twists and turns, to.

96Graphene industry will trap melee technological innovation into a breakthrough path – home ap|Graphene industry will trap melee technological innovation into a breakthrough path – home ap9

Graphene industry will be in melee   technological innovation breakthrough — home — people.com.cn original title: Shi Moxi in the melee of technological innovation industry will break through the path of graphene as a new kind of material, has become a hot chase capital. Data show that China’s existing graphene Industry 1000 enterprises, but many local governments are keen to develop graphene industry policy for graphene be busy at putting up installations, from the park. Some companies are frequently to universities and research institutions to extend the olive branch of cooperation in graphene research and development projects. Relevant experts in an enterprise "Chinese news" interview with reporters, to prevent investors stir graphene, beware of overcapacity. At the same time to increase scientific and technological innovation, make scientific research achievements into productivity is the right way. Graphene patents in the world first "iron man Musker had predicted that the electric vehicle battery material graphene future polymerization of built-in mileage can reach 800 km, has reached the traditional car battery level. This prediction provides a huge imagination for the development of graphene industry. The Price Waterhouse researcher Li Ben told reporters "China business newspaper", 2015, the national financial information center Index Research Institute released the world’s first graphene index in Jiangsu city of Changzhou Province, the index evaluation results showed that the comprehensive development strength of global graphene industry ranked among the top three countries are the United States, Japan and Chinese. The "12th Five-Year" period Chinese graphene industry in-depth market research and investment strategy planning analysis report "shows that China has more than 2200 applications of graphene patent technology, the total number of the world’s 13 graphene patent. According to the state property administration, Wind database data, in 2015 the number of patent applications in China reached 7925, ranking first in the world. In fact, in the "12th Five-Year" period, China’s local governments have aimed at the graphene in this new material, and have set up a series of graphene industry base, including Ningbo Industrial Park, Changzhou Jiangnan graphene graphene Research Institute, Wuxi graphene industry demonstration zone, Qingdao international graphene Innovation Center Chongqing Industrial Park, Sichuan Province graphene graphene industrial park. In addition, Beijing, Anhui, Heilongjiang, Hunan and other provinces have begun to plan the development of graphene industry plan. Beware of excess capacity, however, despite the large number of graphene companies, but most of the current graphene industry is still in the downstream production enterprises, and is still in the pilot phase. Reporters through the Internet to check a number of graphene companies, but a lot of the phone is not a problem that is not in a state of no answer, and even some of the top companies on the internet. Li Ben told reporters bluntly, at present, China’s large-scale production of graphene companies only a few. The researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai Ding Qiao also said the micro system, many domestic companies which can do 100 tons, 500 tons or even thousands of tons, exaggerated is relatively large, and most of them are not really graphene, non professionals difficult to distinguish. Mass production is difficult to meet the situation, the utilization of excess capacity. Global graphene Market