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Shaanxi Luochuan: take out the "number" industry – Sohu news news (News Network): Luochuan is famous for apple, apple continued to sell a good price, is a university asked. In recent years, the local government from the whole chain force, to build Luochuan Apple standards, so that farmers continue to increase income. These two days, in Shaanxi Luochuan County Industrial Park, cold storage of apple in a number of Australian high order Apple has been fully equipped for customers. In the eyes of foreign businessmen, Luochuan apple on such a high price. But a few years ago, the company has 20 tons of Apple was returned to the customer experience. Where is the problem? After the return, the local standard of Luochuan Apple incorporated into the calendar. In 2014, Yanan city and Luochuan county two Industry Management Bureau joint Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University, established the "technical specification of" Luochuan apple, 16 large, more than and 320, covers the apple from the production, management, sales and processing of the whole industry chain. What organic fertilizer can be used, what pesticides can not be on the number of head count qualified, there are strict requirements. In the end, to ensure that the Luochuan apple can eat with skin. Luochuan Apple’s standard is also reflected in the sales channels. Currently, the establishment of a unified local more than 1 thousand and 500 electricity providers and more than and 20 professional sales platform to achieve the county township level linkage of apple information. Luochuan apple, the standard uniform, more and more popular in the market. Unified the standard of the apple, can farmer all sorts of, how to do? The past two years, the relocation of poverty alleviation in Luochuan County, the construction of a variety of measures, such as labor companies, the non apple producing areas of the more than 10 thousand poor people, relocated to Apple origin, becoming a professional farmer. At present, Luochuan has formed an annual output of 850 thousand tons of apples, with a total revenue of $4 billion of the characteristics of the industry, exports of the more than and 20 countries and regions, led by the people out of poverty. Luochuan Apple has become Yanan regional characteristic industry model in Yanan, the emergence of a number of fruit characteristics of counties.相关的主题文章: