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Day is really not good? Analysis of Nissan competitiveness! Sohu vehicles each month, will see the car factory all announced their car sales last month; so we can clearly see which car sells well, the future trend of the market can also do some speculation based on data. Professor on some users feedback after the listing of the new Teana, found that many users have Tucao in the new Teana changed too young, lost the business atmosphere, some become neither fish nor fowl. So the professor carefully analyzed the various Nissan vehicle sales, Nissan recently has been the launch of a new car, but the last two months, Nissan sales are still in decline; why become younger Nissan, competitiveness is no longer? Please listen to the professor slowly. GTR GTR is a totem, as the most popular super sports car. In the million level but also the best performance of the super sports car; as for sales, will naturally have to pay tribute to the young man. 307Z Nissan 370Z on appearance and performance compared with a small car do not fall under the wind, pricing or harm it. Perhaps it vendors do not much confidence, put it with the Audi TT to the standard, as a small car to go, now also become a totem. A car Ma Chi mini car is dead, something burning sunshine sales is not low, but with a Fu Rui Adams compared to the more general. Moreover, the current sales are still relying on a lower starting price and not lower concessions made. At the same time, competitors continue to introduce better models, the sun left behind the spacious space this advantage. The blue bird blue bird appearance that is quite personality, at the beginning of the listing attracted many young consumers attention; only the rear styling was not harmonious believe there are still a lot of people can not accept it; and on the whole with Sylphy not much difference, so the sales can only step by step down, there will be a lot of market should be late the discount, so it’s attention is likely to return again. As the year of the Tiida buy food God car, Tiida a younger appearance, space and daily use have good performance. Just a few months listed, sales are still not good. Update too procrastination, the price range of many independent models occupy. Sylphy compact level market competition is too intense. At present, Sylphy is also good, but the sales volume compared to June decreased by more than 10 thousand; the decline is somewhat too large, have access to the top five. In Hideo continuous promotion campaign, Sylphy is not much more cost-effective, and there are other models look at fiercely as a tiger does its location at. Although the new Sylphy more family atmosphere, but also in other models to enhance their own situation, and the advantage of its space consumption began to fade. When the new Teana Teana out, I believe many people will ever love it very disappointed. It sounds once business adhere to abandon, has a more handsome appearance, feel neither fish nor fowl. Young people do not have money to buy it, do not want to buy it, the elderly will not buy it. Now it’s embarrassing. Cima.相关的主题文章: