Alipay’s first AR Mobile Games line the domestic version of Pokemon go fifa14下载

Alipay’s first AR Mobile Games line: the domestic version of "Pokemon Go" today Alipay is no longer willing to do only one payment application, but toward the business scope of the broader development. In addition to recently made social raise a Babel of criticism of "circle", the new field of Mobile Games Alipay is also being explored. 10 at the end of the news that Alipay will use AR augmented reality technology in the field of Mobile Games zoom trick. Today, Alipay finally moves! Alipay’s first AR+LBS Mobile Games "Big Bang" Adorable pet today officially launched open test, game player can be found in the Alipay APP mobile phone game center, and free to download and install, use Alipay account login game. According to reports, "Big Bang" Adorable pet is a use of AR and Alipay jointly developed nano entertainment augmented reality and LBS (location services, mobile operators based on the Mobile Games), its gameplay is similar to the form of a while ago Huobian global Nintendo Mobile Games "elf treasure Go" dream, so it is for fun "Alipay Go". However, compared to the "demon treasure can dream Go", "Big Bang" Adorable pet set more in line with the user China aesthetic and cultural habits, the game not only introduces the mouse, monkey and other animals, also introduced other animal even includes Suzaku, nine color deer, nine cats and other traditional myths and folk life legend of animal. It is reported that the game will be launched during the first test 50 pets for players to collect, and will gradually increase according to the festival and version. In addition, in the game mode, players can usually use the game to capture the props to grab their own elves, after you can participate in the formation of PK. Players can search the game within a few kilometers around the field, not necessarily in the vicinity of the battle to fight.相关的主题文章: