Choose late night fitness is the main cause of late ca1290

Choose late at night fitness is the main reason for 24 hours to choose the late night gym fitness, work time is the main reason for late night, late night fitness has become a habit of Li Yaxiong. "I used to insist on running every night, but the amount of light running is not enough for me. And the general gym at 10 in the evening to close, and if I go to the gym can only take the time to go to the noon, but in the afternoon and rush to work, time is too tight." Ever since he had a gym for 24 hours, he had been working on a regular basis for his daily "fitness" by working at about eleven in the evening at about two". The "tree" in the financial industry work, often work overtime, "11 pm is a homely food." Therefore, like the fitness he only in the middle of the night or early morning fitness, which he felt helpless. And in a year ago to return to fitness enthusiasts Ning Xiaojie seems, at eleven o’clock in the evening when the gym is relatively small, I like quiet." In fact, 24 hours in the gym abroad has been very popular, but also very popular. "There are about 70% of the gym in foreign countries are open for 24 hours, and they are self – service." From Beijing, a fitness Co., Ltd. CEO, Australian Chinese Zhang Zhuangjie said that the foreign body building awareness than some of the stronger, go to the gym has become a people’s living habits. Prior to Chengdu, Zhang Zhuangjie and partners have opened two stores in Beijing and Sanlitun. "In Beijing, 24 hour gym is very popular. Although the pace of life in Chengdu to be slower, but the demand for young people is not smaller than the fitness of Beijing." Zhang Zhuangjie estimates that the average age of their customers in the gym for 24 hours is only about the age of 29. In Zhang Zhuangjie view, the choice of late at night, early morning hours of fitness, work hours late is the main reason. "Late night fitness customers are mainly distributed in a number of industries, bars and restaurant staff, IT crowd, security, etc., they generally work late, only in this time period fitness. Two or three in the morning to fitness, such as insomnia." However, Zhang Zhuangjie reminded the fitness first to understand their own physical condition, in the use of strength training equipment, to do what. Don’t try to challenge yourself, deliberately will exercise time in the middle of the night.相关的主题文章: