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" fast " and then hearing the case involving transfer of our profit for the conviction and sentencing debate – Beijing by Shenzhen science and Technology Co. Ltd and the high degree of social concern four executives suspected of the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials case, this morning in Beijing Haidian District city court court again. In January of this year, the two sides of the first trial fierce war of words has sparked public debate. The court debate for sentencing at 9:30 in the morning, "action representative Nora Huang Yong and 4 defendants Wang Xin (former Nora CEO), Wu Ming (the original Nora company manager), Zhang Kedong (the former Nora company deputy general manager Niu Wenju (male), our deputy general manager of our department and the market the director into the court). The judge first explained the relevant issues involved, the case trial test server, announced after a pretrial conference to listen to the views of both parties, the collegial panel decided to resume the court investigation, the court cross examination again. In the trial, the court to the defendant Wang Xin after the investigation and verification. The prosecution also drew added to produce the original evidence, police scene of Zhong, Yang Moumou use computer inspection record etc.. The court held that the evidence to identify the facts of the case and the sentencing has important relevance, listen to the views of both parties after the restoration of the court investigation, the court cross examination again. But today’s trial to simplify the cross section, the court together to produce evidence, the focus of the court debate on the conviction and sentencing. The prosecution: letting Chuan Huang constitute a crime in January for the first time in the trial, prosecutors alleged in court of Shenzhen broadcasting company and the 4 defendants constitute the crime of dissemination of pornographic materials. Prosecutors said that since its establishment in December 2007, Nora streaming media technology based on QVOD, through the release of a free media server setup to the Internet (QSI) and broadcast player software, provides the video service for network users. In the meantime, the competent personnel directly responsible for the company and its customers for the purpose of making profits, knowingly the QVOD media server setup and by Nora player network users used to publish, search, download, play pornographic video case, still to be laissez faire, resulting in a large number of pornographic video on the Internet spread. November 18, 2013, the Haidian District Municipal Committee of culture in Haidian District, a technology company located in Beijing, Nora seized 4 servers hosted by the company’s. After the Beijing police extracted 29841 video files from the 3 servers, identification of pornographic video files are 21251. The court asked a number of important evidence that the first trial, defense counsel made a number of comments, including that there are significant flaws in the case of unknown origin, the seizure of 4 servers and storage procedures, and the original data is likely to be damaged and so on, but also to identify the test material of doubtful authenticity. Because this evidence is very important in determining the facts of the case and conviction and sentencing, the collegial panel has decided to investigate and verify. After that, the Haidian court commissioned the national information center of electronic data forensic identification center for 4 servers and storage content for inspection 1相关的主题文章: