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Sources said the draft rules of Shanghai about the local car drivers need to exit the city or the city of Shanghai about the local rules of the draft out of the driver needs to be registered in the city? Chen Shanshan today, the provisions of a Shanghai net about car service management document began to display the file on the Internet, and in the net about the car to operate a vehicle, the vehicle shall comply with the Shanghai fuel vehicle wheelbase of 2700 mm or more, the new energy vehicle wheelbase above 2650 mm, while the driver to Shanghai. More stringent restrictions. Engaged in the operation of the vehicle network about the car, the document also provides for the insurance business sexual intercourse strong insurance, business third party liability insurance, passenger accident insurance. The driver is required from the filing date of the first 1 years without driving more than 5 times of road traffic safety violations, since the date of application before the revocation of taxi qualification records within 5 years from the date of application, as well as before, in Shanghai due to road traffic violations overdue treated a total of 5 the above behavior. In addition, the document also provides that the implementation of the Shanghai market price of about car market regulation price, it is necessary, the municipal government approved the implementation of government guidance price. However, the Shanghai Municipal Communications Commission, said the new deal is about to be developed in Shanghai, has not introduced or released similar information. In July 28th this year, about the new car network officially released. On deepening the reform to promote the healthy development of the taxi industry in the newly issued "guidance" (hereinafter referred to as "guidance"), "network booking taxi management procedures" (hereinafter referred to as "Interim Measures") will be officially implemented in November 1st. About the new deal about the main network of the car about the legal status of the car, such as the platform does not require its own vehicles to adapt to the characteristics of its light asset operation. Licensing procedures, the implementation of the two level of work, a license, the ability to online services by the Provincial Department of registration once identified. The new deal also special provisions about the car network platform company may not have to exclude competitors or monopolize the market "," the price is lower than the cost of operating and disrupt the normal market order, network about cars and taxi prices need to price formation difference competition, and not allowed to disrupt the market price subsidies. However, on the basis of the new deal, but also the introduction of local local version of the network about car rules. Previously, Lanzhou has announced the local version of the rules, which is more controversial, the net about the number of cars in a clear 3000 or so, the price is higher than the taxi.相关的主题文章: